Albaraka turk mobile bank

The Communicator Awards 2018  
.Best technology initiative, customer facing solutions.
.Best technology initiative business transformation.

Project scope &
my role

It was my first project during my Userspots career. I started the project by doing the benchmark and analyzing the competition in the same field. Creating the wireframe flows according to the user stories and turn them into easy prototypes and conducting usability tests, building up the information architecture and presenting the results to the stakeholders was part of my journey.

Methods Followed


The competitor analysis, especially for particular features of the app, has been done. The outcomes of the study influenced the user stories of the app and guided us into better work.

Wireframe Flow

The whole flow of the application was created with high quality wireframes.

Card Sorting

To find a better understanding of the flow and the information architecture, we conducted the card sorting methodology with 14 different users.

First Click Test

During the usability tests, to have quick results, we conducted the first click test by using optimal-workshop and made the iterations of the whole product easily.

High-Level Prototyping

Before the development team started the development process, we tested the application with 12 users by the high-quality prototype.

User Interviews

Both for B2B and B2C user targets, we've conducted user interviews to understand their needs with details and addressed them.

Usability Test

Before every step of a usability test, you need a fully working product or quite good enough prototype to get the right feedback from your user. 
After a long time process of prototyping the app (200+ screens linked to each other)  and creating-choosing right personas, I run 12 usability tests. With the usability plan which includes 13 tasks, we tested the app.  It was quite impressive experience for me to realize and understand how the test users acting and what they need.


There was some of the strong feedbacks as a result of the usability test. Some of them affected in a good way the content of the pages. 
-There were almost fully successful results for usability. 
-Don't make me think,
-Guide me with text lines,
-Give me a chance to customize my main pages in order for my needs.
-Let me access my favorite functions in the shortest way.
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Platform Statistics


User interviews


Usability test


card sorting


screen designs
the team involved in the project

Meet the team

Serpil Karaoglu

Project manager

Ezgi Mucuroglu

UX Researcher

Cem Özsezgin

UI Designer
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