Hi, I'm Mert working as a Digital Product Designer
in Berlin!

And welcome! Unfortunately, there is no art in this story. Only anxiety, nightmares, stakeholders, failures, and learnings.

Who am I?

Some existential information.



Over the past six years, I'm working as a Digital Product Designer. I had a chance to work on 20+ different digital products for more than 30+ Million users.



I started conducting workshops during my university years. Most of the time the workshop topics were about Design Thinking and User Experience Design.



No lie, I never dreamed about being a basketball player. True that I spent my seven years on it, grow up with it, learned how to be a team player with it!
"I love this game!"

Projects worth to have a look

Case Studies

Albaraka Mobile Bank

4.8 Apple store

Albaraka Türk app has been designed with the aim of customers to easily follow their bank transactions with its innovative technology infrastructure and ease of use.

Garanti-Bonus Flash

4.7 Apple store

Combining the most followed companies and campaigns, the bonus flash application allows users to manage card spending and make payments easily, along with personalizable suggestions.

Read the case study→

QNB Finansbank FX

Responsive Web App

Benchmark studies, contextual interviews, direct observations, and usability tests were conducted to improve and improve the user experience on QNB Finansbank platforms.

Read the case study→


Mermaid Studios
The value of consistency
User Experience Design Team Lead
I'm responsible for understanding the client's needs and support the design team to create a crystal clear project process with defining and deciding which methodologies to follow. Making detailed research and creating design concepts are also part of my daily professional life. Besides all this design process, mentoring to developing a new design system approach with the team is the most amusing challenge on my journey.
March 2019 - Present
Qualitative & Quantitative
User Experience Designer & Researcher
Okay, now we're talking about User Experience!  Now we're talking about qualitative and quantitative methodologies. "Talk data to me!" During this period I had a chance to working on bank projects such as Is Bankasi, Garanti, QNB Finansbanks and Albaraka Türk.
October 2017 - September 2018
KWORKS Entrepreneurship Center
Let's make something!
User Experience Designer & Researcher
My main task was to create a maker lab and guide, help to startups, and to design their products. This was also the days that I've discovered how much I loved conducting workshops and sharing knowledge with people. And you know what they say, "Fake it until you make it!"
October 2015 - October 2017
Agency Look
Basic Terminology
User Experience Designer & Researcher
What is breadcrumb? What is footer? What is parallax? Let me be honest, this was my first full-time job experience, I spent most of my time trying to find of the "@" shortcut on my mac keyboard and learn the keywords of the UX field while designing e-commerce and banking websites.
December 2014 - July 2015
My Life in pictures

Visual Expression

Here you can see how I spend my time or how time spends me.


When did you come to Berlin?
In September 2018.
How did you like it?
A lot!
Can you speak German?
Leider noch nicht.
Did you get into Berghain?
Heute leider nicht.
Are you vegan?
No and no sauce bitte.
Drop me a line?

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