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As only a little percentage of human-beings share unfamiliar links with their friends without batting an eye, the goal of our Groupify project was to enter the walls and increase the number of "Link-Shares."
Like with all of our projects, we started with a joint kick-off along with the Groupify-Team to define what is and isn't possible and limitations there are to the project. In this meeting, we set up 3 specific goals for the project and generated an in-depth understanding of their existing version.

Methods Followed

App Analysis

We started the process by doing a preliminary analysis of the product to understand how successfully the interface in the application works and how it works.

Usability Test

We analyzed the pros and cons of the current product by performing a user test.

User Interviews

In order to better understand the needs of users in the online shopping process, we held user meetings.

Wireframe Flow

The whole flow of the application was created with high quality wireframes.

First Click Test

During the usability tests, to have quick results, we conducted the first click test by using optimal-workshop and made the iterations of the whole product easily.

High-Quality Prototype

After designing the new concept and flow, we prepared detailed prototypes so that users would not have difficulty while using it during a usability test.

App Analysis

It was essential for us to do an in-depth analysis of the current app. We focused on analyzing the different functionalities and the app's overall architecture and navigation.

Previous Groupify version

Detect Problems

We reached out to the target group of the app and did usability tests where participants had to complete basic tasks such as sharing the link, give feedback, and unlock the discount. Based on the test results, we came up with a list of things that can cause problems. The problems included both design and technical issues that users faced while using Groupify.

01- It's unclear for users how to unlock the discount.
02- The possibility to create more groups on the same website was missing.
03- Confusing flow of the web-app.
04- Users lacked motivation as there was no immediate benefit.

Old version - invite friends
New version - invite friends

Define Directions

Based on our research results, we set up a list of hypotheses on how we could potentially solve the problems that were spotted. We also set the design direction that we want to achieve with the new design.

01- Make users spot Groupify immediately & understand the benefits.
02- Clearly explain to users how to achieve the discount.
03- Give users a reason to share products with other members..
04- Make it easy for users to create different groups.
05- Make functions more intuitive & appealing.
06- Motivate users to get the discount.

Prototyping the Idea

During the design process, we created a set of measurable criteria in order to ensure that we objectively evaluate our prototypes and improve them based on the results. In the session, we reviewed the following elements.

CTA - Starting Point
Brief explanation of the purpose
The game starts

01/ Do users understand the benefit without any interaction when visiting a shop?
Do users immediately understand the functions?
Which game pattern converts to a higher motivation to continue to the next step?
Do users understand how to receive the benefit after they entered Groupify?
Can users easily set up different groups?
How many steps should the on-boarding take for users to understand them effectively and quickly with no further questions?

Testing the Idea

We tested our ideas in regards to both functionality and usability with the help of 15 participants and realised that we were able to resolve the problems for specific situations.


Understanding: Communicating the benefit of the product at first glance. Users were able to state what they need to do and what they'll achieve by using Groupify.
Sharing the link: Simplify the sharing process of inviting other people to join Groupify and start their journey. Users could share the link with people without hesitation.
Creating motivation: Create a reason for users to repeatedly use Groupify besides the discount. Users agreed that they would appreciate if they could share products and get their friends advice.
Creating different groups and inviting people: Optimise the space for the management of different groups and personal data. We collected feedback from the users about the current group system.


The new Groupify Version exceeded the forecasted achievements of link-shares by 12 times. We achieved that by using familiar concepts like game patterns to make the new concept tangible and motivate users to give it a try. By conducting user testings and setting up design criteria since the beginning of the process we could constantly check that we are going in the right direction.

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