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An introduction to card sorting



Card sorting is a research technique for discovering how people understand and categorize information. You can use card sorting results to group and label your website or app information in a way that makes the most sense to your audience.

How it works?

There are three different card sorting techniques. You can run an open, a closed, or a hybrid card sort, depending on what you want to find out. You can make these studies either online or online and with one person or as a group.
Open card sort: Participants sort cards into categories that make sense to them, and label each category themselves.
Closed card sort: Participants sort cards into categories you give them.
Hybrid card sort: Participants sort cards into categories you give them and can create their own categories as well.

When to use?

1-To design a new website or section of a website, or improve an existing website.
2-To find out how your customers expect to see your information grouped on your website.
3-To discover and compare how people understand different concepts or ideas
4-To get people to rank or arrange items based on set criteria.

Mobile Campaign App

Case Study

Test Scope

This test is conducted to understand what information users most frequently found in the app, where and how they searched and how they found it.


Each content was written on the cards by extracting the information architecture in the application. In order to answer our questions about menu group names, it was decided to make an open card grouping. The study was carried out with 6 people online and 30 people online.

Sample Test Run

In the test, subjects such as which items the users searched for, which items could not be understood if any, and how easily the terminology was understood were examined.


A New Information Architecture
In the study conducted with the existing contents of the application, a new information architecture proposal has emerged according to the behaviors and attitudes of the users.
Content Naming
According to the suggestions of the users and the groups of cards they created, new headings have emerged in the information architecture.
By testing the new information architecture, it was tried to understand how well it works.

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