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An introduction to first click testing



First click testing is a method for measuring the usability of a website, app, or design by finding out how easy it is to complete a given task.

The aim of first click testing is to verify that the first click a user makes on an interface to carry out a given task is clear and easy.

How it works?

In a first click test, the participant is given a task (e.g. “Where would you click to buy this product?”) and is then shown an image of an interface, on which they click to complete the task.

The position of their click is recorded, along with how long they took to click. Further feedback can also be gathered at the end of the test by asking the user to explain why they clicked where they did.

When to use?

Click testing is an ideal method to evaluate and iterate concepts with users at an early stage, allowing research and design to run concurrently, saving you both time and money throughout the product lifecycle.

Mobile Banking App

Case Study

Test Scope

This test was made in order to understand how clear the structure of the Navigation bar structure. 65 people participated in the works online. The question was, which menu structure performs better? The navigation bar or the Hamburger bar?


I've created 2 concept pages, one for the hamburger menu and the other for the navigation bar menu with UI elements and made sure it's with the real content. By using 10 questions have been created for each concept, and uploaded to the system. 2 different concepts have been sent to 65 users.

Sample Test Run

Here you can see the answer to one of the test questions. The program you are using offers you success rate, average time spent to answer the question and clicked places as a heat map. In this example, 48 of the 65 clicks were successful, and users completed the task in an average of 2.6 seconds.


Comparison of success rate
The average success rate in the hamburger menu and navigation bar was over 67% and did not differ greatly among themselves.
Time comparison
-While the navigation bar structure can be used approximately 3 seconds faster, it has been observed that the users need to adapt to the new structure.

-In the hamburger menu structure, it has been revealed that while the users can perform the functions they want, they spend more time due to the excess choice in the menu.
Considering the function and product diversity in the application, it has been decided to continue with the navigation bar as new products will make the hamburger menu a complex structure.

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