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Project scope &
my role

Studies have been conducted to examine the current and potential experiences of users on 3 platforms for QNB Finansbank's mobile application and website. Solution suggestions on the findings that emerged after the analyzes were developed and transferred to wireframes. Interfaces are designed for platforms.

my main role was to analyze the needs of the users, making benchmarks for the features of the platform, conducting interviews, and get insights.

Methods Followed


During the research process, a benchmark study was carried out during the QNB Finansbank FX Project. In this context; with 17 competitors we examined in 3 scopes, Dashboard structures, Navigation, and Streaming features are reviewed and reported in this presentation.

Design Trends Analysis

In the analysis of the trend, it was concluded that the information and visual weight in the card structures, expandable structures in illustrative varieties, and white areas in colors were used, and facelift study was started in this direction.

Modern UI

One of the goals of the project was to build a better information architecture on the app. Therefore, card sorting was the method that we've applied to. The study guided us in the direction of changing the menu structure.

Benchmark Bullet Points

1-Being able to access summary information about the symbol is an important feature in terms of guiding users. The suggestion area in the trading window of the SimpleFX platform is also a guiding feature for users' investments.

2-In navigation structures, there are different features related to dashboard customization. It is an important area in terms of finding the action that the user is looking for in information architecture, with features such as opening-closing, shrinking or shifting appearance. Various icons appear in multi-functional dashboards, but it may take a considerable amount of time to learn these icons. For this reason, usage as icon + title may be more descriptive.

3-Swappable Dashboard:
The size and appearance of all panels on the Dashboard screen can be changed. It may be difficult to understand functionally at first. With the professionalization of the platform, icons and switching areas increase and can get a complex structure.

Design Concept

Unlike the forex platforms, which are generally crowded, a modern and simple interface concept was introduced by highlighting the information that is important for users using white space.

the team involved in the project

Meet the team

Olgac Dölek

Project manager

Hakan Ali Gönül

UI Designer
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